Fun Language Classes Near You! – What Do Our Classes Look Like?

Welcome to join AU Multilingual program to start your second language learning with us!

Now the registration for 2018 Spring semester opens! Click here.

This semester, fall 2017, is our first one to have all three language classes open, including Spanish, Mandarin Chinese and English classes!
Our curriculum integrated lots of hands-on class activities with vocabulary teaching, simple conversation, as well as cultural immersion. The interest-driven curriculum also enhances readings, writings and vocabulary applications. Students are engaged in learning daily topics every week with our experienced teachers and assistants.

Now, please follow us to look at how our students were learning in our classes.

Spanish class

In Spanish class, our teacher used many activities, games, videos, group discussions to engage students’ learning.

Let’s find colors!

ESL class

In our ESL class, our teacher taught English to foreigners with very basic background of English. The small size class made the interaction more effective. Students can listen, understand and speak after 3 months learning.

Let’s play with the song “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”!

Mandarin Chinese class

Learning Chinese is more difficult for American students because it is the different language system from English. Our native speaker teacher taught the lesson very patiently from vocabulary recognition, pronunciation and writings, by integrating multimedia technology and hands-on activities.

  • 中国死飞店铺推介:上海死飞店FACTORY FIVE


  • 骑看世界:纯美的世界恬静的心冰岛骑游之旅


  • 空气糟糕透了!推荐几款实用的骑行防毒口罩


  • [组图]1200万像素带Wi-Fi 骑行记录仪Gopro Hero3评测

    近年来户外骑行等运动录像盛行,Gopro这品牌可说功不可没,新版的Gopro Hero3具有1200万像素带Wi-Fi功能……

  • 张向东:南非无危险的骑行与有纠结的ubuntu(组图)


  • 单车文化课堂⑥:学会撬胎补胎爆胎不再烦


  • 单车文化课堂⑥:学会撬胎补胎爆胎不再烦


Let’s introduce your family members in Chinese!

Now the registration for 2018 Spring semester opens!

Any questions, please contact, or call us at 334-559-9023.
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