The ICE program helps develop friendships between international and local institutions. Our program establishes the standards required for operating international travel and academic exchange programs at high school, middle school, and elementary school levels. It also provides an excellent opportunity for adoptive families to meet, socialize and travel to China for cultural experiences.

Our goals are:

  • International Summer Camp Program
  • International School Friendship Partner Program
  • Cultural Exchange Program for Adoptive Families

The International Summer Camp Exchange (2016) is co-developed officially by Auburn University and Synchro Education, and is aimed at students ages 14 and older. As the certificated cooperator, we offer international high school students the opportunity to attend official summer camps administered by the university. The curriculum is specifically developed to educate and inspire youth in a variety of academic, athletic, and extracurricular activities. Classroom teaching and workshops are conducted by university faculty members. During the course of the program, students study with Americans and learn time management, teamwork, and group interaction.

International students will be entirely immersed and integrated into both campus life and the local community. Moreover, our program provides an excellent opportunity for students to be introduced into the university faculty network. Our program is excellent preparation for students planning to apply to and matriculate at American colleges.

Summer camp over the years:

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