Everybody Loves Aubie the Tiger!
This is Auburn Multilingual Summer School

August 10, 2017
The seven-week multilingual summer school came to an end. This program, jointly organized by Auburn University and Synchro International Education, has received strong support from the teachers, parents and Auburn officials, allowing the children to spend a very meaningful summer break in 2017.

In this full-day summer school, we offered Spanish, Chinese and English as second language classes in mornings, which are three of the world's most popular languages. In the afternoons, we organized many hands-on activities so the students could “travel” around the world. Students enjoyed learning about different cultures by drawing, singing, making crafts, and doing team activities.

On July 27th, Aubie the Tiger visited our summer school, causing the children to burst with excitement. Aubie awarded a graduation certificate for each student and had a close photo with everyone, making this multilingual summer school be an unforgettable summer feast for all students.

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