Multilingual and Multicultural Summer School offered for K-9 in 2017

July 15, 2017
Center for Educational Outreach and Engagement, Auburn University and Synchro International Education, LLC are offering the Multilingual Summer School for K-9 students in the Auburn-Opelika area, in summer 2017.

The full-day school provide multilingual and multicultural class with both Chinese and Spanish learnings, as well as the Intensive English class for those who have English as the second language. Our curriculum provides children a safe, fun and practical environment to develop their interests in languages and improve their application skills. World culture immersion is offered in the afternoons, with a variety of fun activities in form of mini-tour of world countries. Students will gain a greater awareness, understanding and appreciation of diversity and cultural relations from the class.

For the registration information, please contact for details.

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