2016 Summer Camps at Auburn University

October 18, 2016
In the summer of 2016, Auburn University hosted an International Summer Camp to immerse foreign students in the American cultural environment. This camp provided international students excellent opportunities to study in an American college. A few of these camps included Architecture Camp, Chef Tech Academy, Photography Camp, Design Workshop, Creative Writing Studio, Food Science Camp, and World Affairs Youth Seminar. Students lived in the Auburn Residence Halls, which enriched their experience of living in an American college environment. An excellent camp that we host here at Auburn is Photography Camp. Photography Camp teaches students photography skills and techniques and allows them to experiment with cameras on Auburn’s beautiful campus. In the photo on the left, students are enjoying learning about photography through hands-on activities while also enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The photos below are of Architecture Camp. The first photo shows students working hard in class, the middle photo shows some of the students’ work in Architecture Design, and the photo on the right is the camp team photo. Architecture camp is a very popular choice here at Auburn University.

International students are not only expanding their intelligence through these camps, but they are also developing meaningful relationships with their peers, counselors and mentors. These camps require students to work together as a team, and being able to communicate and cooperate with others through teamwork is an essential life skill. Friendships develop as a result of this teamwork, and these students are able to keep in touch even after camp ends. To the right is a photo of students that became great friends during camp. In conclusion, the summer camps of 2016 were a huge success and we are excited to see what 2017 has in store! We plan to have over 20 camps available to international students this upcoming summer. More details will come soon.

Camper Highlight — The report from the Office of Professional and Continuing Education of Auburn University

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